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Garrett’s Background:

  • Former NFL pro for the New York Jets
  • Paramedic in Sacramento, CA
  • Real Estate Broker and Real Estate Investor with 43 doors owned between him and his partners

The Things You Will Learn In This Episode

  • Garrett’s background and what attracted him to real estate
  • Determining if long distance investing makes sense for you
  • An overview of his first deal and how he found his partner
  • A deep dive of his latest deal and how he found THAT partner
  • Some lessons on being taken seriously when trying to grow your business
  • Why you should consider having a backup plan for debt you want to place on an acquisition
  • Implementation of a laundry facility and how to measure it’s viability in your market
  • Treating real estate as a team sport and how that can launch you into the next level in this business

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