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Ellie’s Background:

  • Founder/CEO of Bluelake Capital which invests in MF across the US
  • Previous commercial RE lawyer and a PM at Israels largest RE company
  • Founder of Ready2Scale, an mentorship program for real estate investors

In this episode we cover:

  • 00:02:06 Ellie’s pivot from asset/property management to multifamily acquisitions
  • 00:05:35 Capital raising honestly and effectively
  • 00:06:58 The time it takes for people to be used to ‘the new you’ and invest with you
  • 00:09:41 Prepping investors for your first deal before you even have one
  • 00:14:15 A quick raise Ellie and her team had to pull off after another partner failed to bring forward expected capital
  • 00:17:52 Maintaining consistent communication with investors
  • 00:20:14 Leveraging social media and finding your voice on those platforms

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