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Mo’s Background:

  • Mo was formally in the financial services/wealth management area before pivoting to real estate full time.
  • He spent 5 years building his portfolio with small 2-4 unit deals and now has transitioned to 50+ unit deals.
  • Has nearly 200 units and another 171 under contract.
  • He focuses on making sure his projects have some form of value-add component along with cash flowing from day one

In this episode we cover:

  • 76 unit deal deep dive on a site unseen property found over Loopnet
  • How to get Loopnet to work for you instead of assuming it’s where deals ‘go to die’
  • Pricing effects in Midwest markets vs ‘Major Metros’
  • How COVID-19 allowed him to save on his debt through local lending
  • Managing due diligence and managing risk during COVID-19
  • Leveraging relationships with Insurance Brokers to help find the right policy for your property
  • How the property has fared under his acquisition during this turbulent economic period

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