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Ira’s Background:

  • 25+ years in construction
  • Principal at Mosaic Construction where he leads business development, marketing strategy, and business relations
  • offices are based out of Chicago, Illinois; Northbrook, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Previous guest on the show, you can find him on Episode 14

In This Episode We Cover

  • How Ira and his team are handling current projects while also looking forward to potential projects
  • How the current projects underway aren’t affected from an economical standpoint
  • Managing the work on site while also following health and safety guidelines to prevent spread of COVID-19
  • Communication with the asset owner/manager and how that has/hasn’t changed during these times
  • Difference between the client facing reports vs the internal reports and why each needs to be tailored
  • Why now is a great time to begin the pre construction work on an asset/project before you close

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