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Rob’s Background:

  • Principal at Lone Star Capital Group focusing on large multifamily acquisitions in Houston, TX
  • Extensive real estate experience through his family’s numerous real estate businesses including development, construction, sales, and investment
  • Previous guest on Episode 3 and the Between the Sheets miniseries

In This Episode We Cover

  • Current market uncertainty - how the market is going through a ‘wait and see’ period and prices are not reflecting any anticipated down market shift
  • Why it makes sense to wait on behalf of your investors, and back out of any deals that don’t have the proper contingencies
  • How the best thing to do right now is make/build on relationships to make sure the right partners are in place
  • Looking for assumable loan deals and why it makes sense to buy these vs. non-assumable debt
  • How to shore up operations to make sure you aren’t overspending during a period where property income could be lower
  • Working with tenants to find the best solution to keep them housed while still getting paid
  • Focusing on ‘economic resistant’ tenants
  • Navigating the COVID related relief programs and what can/can’t apply to your expenses

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