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Braden’s Background:

  • Previous profession as a commercial airline pilot
  • Owns 650+ units across Michigan and Ohio
  • Owner of Epic Property Management which manages his portfolio and several hundred other doors

In This Episode We Cover

  • Braden’s emphasis to create a lifestyle that he enjoys and to figure out a way to get to that lifestyle
  • His first/most important talk with a local real estate expert and how that person helped him start on the right path
  • How he realized after his first deal he was out of capital and needed to go find other people’s money
  • Braden’s hard lesson learned about lining up equity to close on a deal, and how you should always have more capital available to you than you need
  • How ‘skin in the game’ matters for a deal when you are bringing in an equity partner
  • How Braden translated his ideal lifestyle into real measured goals in real estate to fund that lifestyle

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