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Mike’s Background:

  • Previous experience as a CPA having worked for Ernst and Young
  • Started investing in RE in Michigan in 2016 and is now the asset manager at Rand Partners

In this episode we cover:

  • 00:03:42 Managing the manager
  • 00:04:22 Levels of asset and property management
  • 00:06:23 Weekly KPIs to look at on a property
  • 00:08:54 Getting the right tenant applications
  • 00:11:43 Being realistic with your business plan
  • 00:14:26 How Mike’s team handles feedback from tenants
  • 00:15:46 What garners good feedback
  • 00:16:59 Fostering a community
  • 00:21:06 Day in the life of asset management

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