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Antoine’s Background:

  • Invests in Memphis, TN and Cleveland, OH and is an expert at brand building and networking
  • Martel Turnkey has sold well over $10 million worth of cash flowing real estate
  • Book and podcast A Millennial’s Guide to Investing in Cash Flowing Rental Properties

In this episode we cover:

  • 00:03:52 Progression of network building
  • 00:05:55 Consistency and value add approach
  • 00:07:36 Getting specific in your networking efforts
  • 00:10:37 How to use Instagram to grow your network
  • 00:13:44 Zoho CRM
  • 00:16:19 People want to talk to you
  • 00:18:14 Getting someone into your business systems
  • 00:20:13 Intentional actions pay off
  • 00:21:54 Tips and tricks for Instagram ads
  • 00:23:41 How much is a contact worth to you?

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