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Michael Ealy, CEO and founder of Nassau Investment visited the Making Money with the Multifamily show to give us all his knowledge in the real estate market and recommendations on deals, property management, increased profitability, and an example of success in the business of real estate.

Dave Morgia interviews our guest who gives us a wide variety of recommendations and advices to achieve success and increase the profitability of our properties, including return on investments, related profits, real estate deals, and property self-management.

The Things you will learn in this episode

-Expectations of investment returns.

  • Rates and related earnings
  • Return rates
  • Financing agreements and percentages
  • Direct performance -All about real estate deals
  • Cost reduction to increase profitability
  • Vertical integration
  • Property self-management
  • Construction management
  • Increase in profitability and profits
  • The importance of accounting for property management
  • Relief agreement
  • Invest in your relationships