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Dave Morgia is joined by the experienced real estate investor Darin Garman to give us important practical advice on the management of multifamily, acquisitions, relations with tenants, agreements, based on all his years of experience.

Get ready to learn everything you need from a real estate investor with more than 25 years of career and also know more about his exciting story, when he left his stable job as a security guard to follow his dreams and achieve success in the real estate world.

The Things you will learn in this episode

  • Multifamily Deals
  • How to Communicate with owners
  • Acquisitions
  • Relationships
  • The process to buy a property
  • How to keep residents
  • How to talk with residents
  • What you have to do after buying your multifamily
  • Tenant - owner relationship
  • Rents
  • Be able to raise rents
  • investors


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