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Between the Sheets | GP Structures:

Between the Sheets - A Making Money In Multifamily Mini-Series This mini-series features host Dave Morgia and guest Rob Beardsley as they discuss the philosophies, theory, nuances, and application of underwriting multifamily real estate deals using a syndication model.

Over the course of the series Dave and Rob will cover all the considerations you should be making while underwriting a deal with the intent to challenge your thinking and take a deeper look at what makes a deal succeed or fail.

In this episode the topic of focus is General Partner Structures, namely; how and why a deal is structured to split profits between the operators and passive investors. In order to properly structure a deal you have to be very aware of the pros/cons/risk/reward of every aspect of the deal from every point of view.

***Note: This series is very visual. The first half of the show will be Dave and Rob discussing the theory behind the current topic. While the second half will entail diving into an underwriting spreadsheet and actually crunching the numbers. If you can, it is recommended you pause after the first half of the show and resume playing the second half on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ieThDgWCOU

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