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Grant’s Background:

Grant started his real estate career in 2004 with some single family housing. Didn’t really go exactly as planned. He kind of bounced out of that after a little while, but then in 2014 he began investing more heavily along with his new wife, Monika. And pretty much in line with most real estate investors, the business was growing, but definitely not as fast as Grant and Monika and wanted to, so he kind of is speeding up that process. And they’re looking to target higher unit size properties and commercial multi family, which before that was really more residential, multi family, and some smaller commercial. And then fast forward to last year; they just closed on a 20 unit complex. During this whole process, Grant had quit his job of 23 years and became a Director of Operations for Epic Property Management. Then decided to quit that job, and now he’s a realtor in down river area in southeast Michigan.

The Things You Will Learn In This Episode

  • Grant’s history in RE, covering property management, brokerage, and acquisition
  • The lessons he learned from his first couple single family deals
  • How you can be ‘the friendly landlord’ and still not be a pushover
  • Shifting mentalities to propel success in this or any business
  • Balancing a business partnership with a spouse
  • The importance of letting everyone know what you’re looking for – you’ll never know where you’ll get help!
  • Seller financing and the passive income benefits that the seller has been really enjoying
  • All of the extra work that goes into cleaning up a mom and pop operation to run at a more professional level

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