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EP 112 Doing the Right Things To Close On A property with Charles Seaman


Charles' Background: Managing Member and Acquisition Manager of Three Oaks Management LLC which invests in the southeast US (Carolinas and Georgia) He has 14 years of prior experience working for a commercial real estate investor in NYC. During this time, he assisted the investor with acquiring deals, obtaining financing for them, and managing and leasing them after the deals were closed.

EP 108 Investing in Senior Living with Doug Fullaway


Doug's Background: Doug is the President of FourteenPlus which focuses in investing in the senior living. He was previously the CEO of Vigilan, one of the largest suppliers of software selling to thousands of senior living communities.

EP 106 Property Management Done Right with Brett Luskey


Brett's Background: Vice President of Fairmont Management Company Fairmont manages 4500 Multi-family units throughout Texas as well as 750,000 SF of office, retail and flex space. Brett is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the portfolio, marketing and development, tenant relations, project financial analysis and human resources.

EP 102 Outlining Roles And Having Fine Tuned Systems with Danny Randazzo


Danny's Background: He has over half a decade of professional experience working as a financial consultant where he advised multi-billion dollar companies to improve their operations and balance sheets Principal at Within the company, Danny is focused on asset management, building relationships, investment analysis, planning, and all things finance

EP 100 The Efforts Needed To Be A Smart Passive Investor with Travis Watts


Travis' Background: Director of Investor Relations at Ashcroft Capital, a national multifamily investment firm with more than $820M He has been investing in real estate since 2009 in multi-family, single-family and vacation rentals. Travis previous background is in the oil industry, spending 100-hour workweeks outside in extreme weather while putting everything he had into cash flow investments.

EP 98 Disqualifying Deals Quickly To Focus On The Right Ones with Ryan Nunes


Ryan's Background: Ryan was the #1 salesperson leading Oil and Gas Derivative Sales Teams while working at Wall Street banks for 13 years. He transitioned to multifamily last Spring and has co-sponsored $34 MM in Assets and is a passive investor in over 2,700 units across Texas, OH, Florida, Phoenix and Georgia. He launched Life Changing Capital last year and is a data driven multifamily syndicator that takes an institutional approach to a non-institutional segment of the asset class.

EP 83 Between the Sheets | Cap Rates and Cash Flows with Rob Beardsley


Between the Sheets - A Making Money In Multifamily Mini-Series This mini-series features host Dave Morgia and guest Rob Beardsley as they discuss the philosophies, theory, nuances, and application of underwriting multifamily real estate deals using a syndication model.

EP 81 Diving Headfirst Into Full-Time Real Estate with Bethany Smith


Bethany's Background: Director of Operations for one of the top residential RE sales teams in Utah and in 2019 went into Multi Family Investing full time Her and her husband Nate are currently building a World Financial Group financial services agency She is on the leadership team for MultiFamily Masters

EP 69 Building Out Your Brand And More with Jamie Gruber


Jamie's Background: Principal at CF Asset Group based out of Michigan Started investing in 2005 Founder of Multifamily and More network, which has 18 meetups across the country and a podcast that Jamie co-hosts

EP 64 Marrying The Art And Science Of Underwriting To Do It Efficiently with David Toupin


David's Background: Co founder of Obsidian Capital out of Austin, Texas. Started investing at 19 years old when he bought a 12 unit apartment complex. He has a background in corporate auditing, an investment banking, and today he has owned or sponsored over $50 million worth of real estate. Starting a RE tech company, Real Estate Labs, which Is a data driven underwriting model to shorten the time needed to underwrite real estate deals

EP 62 Designing A Meetup To Earn and Learn With Others with Powell Chee


Powell's Background: Started investing in 2015 when he purchased a single family property Now focuses on larger multifamily acquisitions, all out of state, totaling over 1000 units syndicated Runs a successful meetup platform, Multifamily Masters, which now has branches all across the country

EP 60 Having Confidence In Your Market To Make An Offer with Mo Karney


Mo's Background: Mo was formally in the financial services/wealth management area before pivoting to real estate full time. He spent 5 years building his portfolio with small 2-4 unit deals and now has transitioned to 50+ unit deals. Has nearly 200 units and another 171 under contract. He focuses on making sure his projects have some form of value-add component along with cash flowing from day one

EP 55 Using Your Military Benefits To Invest In Real Estate with Eric Upchurch


Eric's Background: Was a Special Operations Aviation crew member in the military and has his Masters in Aeronautical Science Co-founder of Active Duty Passive Income which helps active duty and veteran military members invest in real estate using the unique advantages they have through the military Owns/manages 500 doors between his own properties and syndicated properties

EP 49 Not Allowing Coronavirus To Negatively Affect Your Business with Ira Singer


Ira's Background: 25+ years in construction Principal at Mosaic Construction where he leads business development, marketing strategy, and business relations offices are based out of Chicago, Illinois; Northbrook, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin Previous guest on the show, you can find him on Episode 14

EP 47 COVID Measures An Investor Should Take with Rob Beardsley


Rob's Background: Principal at Lone Star Capital Group focusing on large multifamily acquisitions in Houston, TX Extensive real estate experience through his family's numerous real estate businesses including development, construction, sales, and investment Previous guest on Episode 3 and the Between the Sheets miniseries

EP 44 Between the Sheets | Terminal Valuations with Rob Beardsley


Between the Sheets - A Making Money In Multifamily Mini-Series This mini-series features host Dave Morgia and guest Rob Beardsley as they discuss the philosophies, theory, nuances, and application of underwriting multifamily real estate deals using a syndication model.

EP 36 Between the Sheets | GP Structures with Rob Beardsley


Between the Sheets - A Making Money In Multifamily Mini-Series This mini-series features host Dave Morgia and guest Rob Beardsley as they discuss the philosophies, theory, nuances, and application of underwriting multifamily real estate deals using a syndication model.

EP 35 Determination To Succeed In Multifamily Real Estate with Grant Warrington


Grant started his real estate career in 2004 with some single family housing. Didn't really go exactly as planned. He kind of bounced out of that after a little while, but then in 2014 he began investing more heavily along with his new wife, Monika. And pretty much in line with most real estate investors, the business was growing, but definitely not as fast as Grant and Monika and wanted to, so he kind of is speeding up that process. And they're looking to target higher unit size properties and commercial multi family, which before that was really more residential, multi family, and some smaller commercial. And then fast forward to last year; they just closed on a 20 unit complex. During this whole process, Grant had quit his job of 23 years and became a Director of Operations for Epic Property Management. Then decided to quit that job, and now he's a realtor in down river area in southeast Michigan.

EP 34 RE Deals From An Insurance Broker's Perspective with J Darrin Gross


Dave Morgia is joined by the insurance broker at Leonard Adams and real estate investor Darrin Gross to give us valuable information and practical advices on insurance market, variables, risk, coverage, submarket, business insurance companies, property types. Darrin shares his knowledge and experience in the insurance area to help you become a better investor with his advice and recommendations to understand the operation of the insurance market, the variables that affect it, the risks and their importance in the real estate market.

EP 33 Finding The 'Why' That Motivates You with Martin Perdomo


Martin Perdomo, inspired instructor, speaker, philosopher, and entrepreneur visited the making money with the multifamily show to tell us about his strategic and motivational vision on the real estate business.

EP 32 The Perspective of both an LP and a GP with Dan Handford


Dan Handford, managing partner of, visit the making money in multifamily show to discuss the benefits offered by passive investments and their importance to achieve financial freedom. This episode deepens and explains in detail all the issues related to this type of investment.

EP 31 Closing Deals using Creative Lending with Angelo Christian


On this episode, you will receive advices and recommendations on loans, financing, 100 percent financing, interest rates, how to capitalize on financing, by the hand of one of the top producing loan originators in the country. Who has helped tens of thousands of people with his influential coaching.

EP 29 Growing Your Business To Be Able to Control All Stages of the Investment


Michael Ealy, CEO and founder of Nassau Investment visited the Making Money with the Multifamily show to give us all his knowledge in the real estate market and recommendations on deals, property management, increased profitability, and an example of success in the business of real estate.